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Many people wonder how our forefathers-the cave men used to attain such lean, strong, muscular.athletic figures yet were only hunters and gatherers. It appears the food they ate-plant and animal protein did the trick. They were hunters and gatherers, hunting for game meat, fish, and wild birds and so on.

These cave people never suffered from the myriad of diseases we see today. We have overweight problems, diabetes among others. The pointer to all these problems is the diet we eat today: highly refined but lacking in plant and animal protein necessary to have a disease-free body that is strong, agile and muscular.

Go back to cave man days

Should we go back to the feeding ways of the cavemen? In fact experts in Paleo diet think so. Whatever the caveman ate, we should eat too; whatever he avoided, then we should not touch. That is the rule of the game.


The goals you should set with your Paleo diet plan

When setting out on a Paleo diet plan, there are some goals that you would want to achieve:

Losing weight is one goal

With a proper Paleo diet plan, you will be able to have a diet regime that helps you shed extra pounds every day. If the Paleo diet plan is followed strictly-confining yourself to plant and animal proteins, then you should be able to achieve your weight loss goals in no time.

The Paleo diet

Whilst helping you with a healthy body, should also have some benefit to your cardiovascular health. There are some researches that have been conducted to establish the beneficial effect of taking Paleo diet. The ultimate aim of such research is to find out the extent to which the Paleo diet protects your heart and arteries from high cholesterol which triggers the onset of high blood pressure.

The risks involved

With Paleo diet should also be considered. Whilst there are no restrictions on Paleo diet, it would be important to consult our Paleo diet experts before setting out on a program of exempting your dairy products and grains for the Paleo diet. They have the requisite experience to help you understand the importance of taking the Paleo diet plan without compromising your current nutrition status.

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Conformity to standards-the Paleo diet foods

The question that lingers too many people’s minds is whether the Paleo diet provides the necessary nutrients as proscribed by the government. Whilst not all the nutrients obtained from the Paleo diet measure up to the established guidelines, you could still go on and make a Paleo diet recipe and enjoy a hearty meal. All the same, it is important to understand the amount of nutrients that would get from a Paleo diet. These nutrients are:


Provides about 39% of  your fat needs against the recommended  35%


It caps at 38% of the recommended protein percentage of 35%


It has low calorie provision of 23% compared to the 65% cap on daily calories


It is rich in potassium, calcium, fiber, B-12 and vitamin D elements.